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September 11, 2002

9/11 And The Path to Recovery: Joint Economic Architecture for Critical Markets Sustainability;Hart-Rudman; IN-S.E.R.T.: Skyscraper Emergency Response Team and New World Trade Center Concept
Publisher's Note:
The anniversary of one of the most horrendous acts of peace time barbarity is upon us, and like the Kennedy assassination and The Challenger disaster, we tend to remember where we were.  Unfortunately, humanity has not the luxury of simply looking back and reflecting on that day, and grieving for the lost once again.
Instead, this country and the world finds itself in the midst of a war on terrorism and a profound war posture emerging against Iraq.  Perhaps terrorism is a misnomer, simply because those who seek change in the social order through mass murder and the resultant intimidation of nations, are a structured and intelligent group.  They are just as committed to the emergence of a "New Order" as Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and Slobodan Milosevic.
At their disposal is an astounding array of talent and war materiel that render them capable of fighting as protracted -- if not superior -- a campaign as Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys, Marshal Tito's fighters, the French Resistance, the Viet Cong and the Mujahadeen.  As the historical record shows, the aforementioned prevailed against enemies possessed of overwhelming firepower and resources; i.e., the British Army, Germany's Wehrmacht,  U.S. forces and the Russian military machine respectively.
Does this mean that civilization is helpless against such resolve and sometimes brutal determination?  Hardly.  Humans are a resilient bunch, and have proven an ability to survive, thrive and overcome even murderous oppression.  The key to removing the threat posed by the vast cadre of personnel and leadership populating the "asymmetric armies" of the 21st century is, according to our consultants, the strategic and tactical use of hyperaccurate weapons systems coupled with properly deployed intelligence gathered via machine and human sources.  It is also important to protect critical infrastructure as represented by the industrio-economic and utilities sectors.
But we may be contending with forces over which no human can address and control, let alone prevail against.  It is important to ask ourselves are we simply dealing with humans who have sunk to the lowest depths, thus rendering them capable of committing unconscionable acts, or is something else at work here? Identification, explanation and arguments for and against the presence of such forces range from the dismissive to the philosophical and metaphysical.  And intense discussions of the matter are undertaken by people of every station -- from heads of state to heads of hovels. 
Be that as it may, and whatever the eventual outcome of a decidedly difficult state of affairs for mankind based on human or other intervention, the aftermath of 9/11 is being addressed in real-time at multiple levels.  In this vein, we felt it appropriate to present four significant -- we believe -- documents that address four critical questions: Could it have been prevented? Are strategies in place to address financial systems survivability brought to a screeching halt by this regional disaster with international implications? Does the technology, the methods and processes exist to address a repeat of the World Trade Center attack from an emergency response standpoint? And lastly, should it be rebuilt?
eMOTION! REPORTS.com presents the following for your considered review and comment. info@emotionreports.com
Myron D. Stokes
National Scene (PDF)
It is a refrain we've all heard countless times since that horrible day. "Nobody could ever have predicted something like this ..." "Nobody would ever have dreamed."

Yet, that's not quite accurate. There were plenty of warnings -- and loud ones -- that something as terrible as September 11 lay in store. Warnings of a catastrophic attack against a civilian target in the United States had become almost commonplace in Washington for years. The Hart-Rudman Report on National Security in the 21st Century is a case in point. In retrospect: this is chilling, and at times disturbing reading.
Featured Download (PDF)
This comprehensive document, released August 30, 2002, seeks to present best practices within the financial sector to prevent a re-occurrence of the near market meltdown that occurred immediately following the September 11 attacks.  A collaborative effort between the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the New York State Banking Department, the paper does not address a return to economic health as a result of Dow and NASDAQ gyrations, but as a preventative to systemic failure for large banking institutions, securities firms (critical markets) and other organizations responsible for transaction fulfillment/settlement/clearing.
The agencies invite the comments of concerned parties, which must be presented as outlined in the draft within 45 days after listing in the Federal Registry.
Featured Download (PDF)
62 minutes...  In the perpetual life or death scenarios of emergency response played out on a daily basis by that elite group of people populating the Fire and Rescue Departments around this country and world, survivability can rest on nano-second variables.   One hour and 2 minutes, the time it took for the south tower to fall after a near 600 MPH impact by a fuel-laden airliner, is a long time to wait for existence termination.  The north tower took even longer; 90 minutes to collapse after it, too, sustained a hit, estimated at 470 MPH, from the first plane.
We have heard many analyses claiming that those above the impact points -- save for the four who found a stairway -- had no chance of surviving.  Is this true?  And is it also true that despite at least three high rise disasters over a 30 year period in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Brazil and even a movie, Towering Inferno, the technological means do not exist to successfully evacuate victims above the 10th floor?
As Weylin Gildon, General Manager of The Detroit Fire Department (DFD) said, "It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback in the aftermath of such disasters."  We agree.  But the eMOTION! team, in conjunction with several scientist and researcher associates, decided to craft a new emergency response strategy concept for extracting victims at altitude utilizing existing and projected technologies.
We call it IN-S.E.R.T.: Skyscraper Emergency Response Team.  It is attached as a download for your review and comment.  In effect, we are appealing to our global "team" to fine tune the strategy that thus far has been deemed feasible by people that count.
We also want to thank our friends and colleagues at the Argonne National Labs and FEMA who were kind enough to indulge this presentation just three weeks after the events of 9/11.
The World Trade Center Reborn: A Concept

Stunning.  Absolutely stunning is all we can say after thoroughly reviewing the extremely detailed conceptualization of a new World Trade Center by Bahamas based index trader Derek G. Turner.  The continuity of line and curve working in concert with extraordinary functionality and purposeful intent in this design is breathtaking to behold.  When built -- and we strongly believe it will --it should represent nothing short of a Phoenix-like rebirth.

We invite you to review the 2002 World Trade Center media kit provided as a PDF download, and to review one of the most meticulously crafted sites around.  In so doing, you'll have opportunity to make your assessment count with Federal, State and municipal authorities considering next steps for the development -- or not -- of Ground Zero.
We would like to also share with you that in mid-October, we met with automotive industry and Wall Street colleagues at New York's Yale Club to discuss the rebuilding of the World Trade Center and the role they should play.  The Turner concept lends itself perfectly to each of the four outer towers being funded by, occupied and named for General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota respectively.  Moreover, we believe that Boeing and AIRBUS should participate in a meaningful way as well.
eMOTION! REPORTS.com congratulates Mr. Turner and associates for this marvelous example of forward thinking, and to convey to his team a willingness to utilize our influence and resources in the accomplishment of this worthy goal.
Frank Lloyd Wright would most certainly have given his approval...
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