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DETROIT – March 8, 2002.   eMOTION! REPORTS.com, an automotive and aerospace industries research and analysis site (www.emotionreports.com) that targets professionals within the academic, media, corporate and governmental sectors presented awards to GM divisions Buick and Oldsmobile for SUV of 2002 and Car of The Decade, respectively. 

The awards given to Buick Rendezvous and Oldsmobile Aurora at a special dinner March 7, represent the second phase of the site’s first annual vehicle awards program initiated at the Chicago Auto Show last month, where it presented Ford Division with Car of The Year honors for Thunderbird, and Land Rover with SUV of 2003 to its Range Rover.

“We are pleased to have successfully implemented our vehicle awards program with the presentation of Car of The Year, SUV of 2002, Car of The Decade and SUV of 2003, the latter being a world first,” said eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes.  “As regards the GM awards, we are gratified that their presentation coincides with strong indications that Wall St. is again placing its stamp of approval on the revivification efforts of this car maker.”

Buick Rendezvous

In quoting the Awards Committee, Stokes noted that Rendezvous is most deserving in that “It is reflective of new thinking at General Motors as it relates to functional interior and exterior design, while at the same time pampering occupants with multitudinous ‘surprise and delight’ features.  The slightly understated luxurious appointments have caused our selection committee members to internally describe it as the ‘Proletarian Utilitarian’.

“Although sharing a platform with divisional colleagues, Rendezvous is demonstrative of what can be done when the constraints of preconceived and antiseptic design dictates give way to acknowledging the need of consumers forming an emotional attachment to well executed shape and line. The interior continues the experience by providing an environment of unexpected warmth and elegant practicality.

“Mechanically, Rendezvous achieves symmetrical balance between competent suspending and smoothly delivered V6 power in two or four-wheel drive configurations; thus inviting trips of long duration. 

“Perhaps, at some future time, the human vehicle operational equation may give way to artificially intelligent guidance systems, but for now, Rendezvous reaffirms driver individuality and independence.

“Buick, indeed, lives.”

In accepting the award on behalf of the Buick family, Rendezvous Brand Manager Chris Mazglad stated that “Rendezvous continues to grow in the marketplace and brings a lot of new customers to Buick. In February, Rendezvous was the best seller among luxury crossovers and helped Buick to a 12 percent improvement compared with the same month last year.  Rendezvous is helping Buick to reach a wider customer base by appealing to younger buyers.”

Oldsmobile Aurora

It took about a nano-second for our committee to conclude that no other vehicle, foreign or domestic, could so proudly wear the mantle of “Car of the Decade” than Aurora, said Stokes.  “I think they say it best:  ‘From the first time we saw the body-in-white along with preliminary and then final renderings, we knew Aurora was destined for greatness.  The concept was daring, bold and futuristic.  The designers and engineers, no doubt incredulous of project approval, sought not to perpetuate the perceived blandness of ‘Rogerian’ familial sameness in most GM product.  Instead, they seamlessly integrated flowing lines -- readily at home in the finest art museums -- along with leading edge powertrain and suspension technologies to create a beautiful balance of power, elegance and road going competence.  Ransom Olds would no doubt see this as the ultimate embodiment of his vision for motorcars.’”

Aurora Brand Manager John Gatt accepted the award for Oldsmobile, and noted that when introduced as a 1995 model, Aurora was the flagship of the division. “It was the first car in our Centennial plan and a very successful seller,” he said.

“We are very pleased to receive this recognition for a truly great automobile.”

eMOTION! REPORTS.com congratulates the executive, engineering and design teams for the award vehicles.


Regarding the structuring of the awards committee, Stokes said that

“ER sought guidance and input in the vehicle selection process both internally and externally.  In recognizing that the vehicle design and manufacturing process is multi-phasic and multi-disciplinary, we called upon colleagues representing virtually every aspect and feature of the world’s largest industry.

“Over two decades of interaction with friends and associates in the engineering, design, manufacturability, manufacturing, marketing, sales and even academic, policy and research sectors allowed for frank, objective, subjective (yes) and blunt assessments of nominated vehicles.  This approach was especially appropriate in designating a “Car of The Decade” category where ultimately, Aurora was the unanimous choice.

“We have chosen not to name other nominated – stellar contestants all -- vehicles, with the intent of minimizing clutter in the pre-award timeframe and maximizing the positive effect of the final award announcement.  It is in the best tradition of “winner take all.”

“In our view, it is not the compilation of points, the tallying of numbers, the presence of quantifying and/or qualifying processes – although certainly relevant.  It is, in the end, the human assessor/creator/buyer of this extraordinary contrivance who provides the most viable scrutiny as to worth or lack thereof.  In short, it is people, process and product.

“The effectiveness of the method is borne out in the four award designees: Ford Thunderbird as Car of The Year, Buick Rendezvous as SUV of 2002, Oldsmobile Aurora as Car of The Decade and Range Rover as SUV of 2003.”

The existence of such product, Stokes believes, is “An indication that the world’s love affair with the automobile continues, and is now acknowledged in earnest by vehicle manufacturers.”

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