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For Release 2/6/02 3pm

Publisher Myron D. Stokes presents Ford Division President Jim O'Connor with the site's first annual Car of The Year award for 2002 Thunderbird.


Chicago – February 6, 2002.  eMOTION! REPORTS.com, an automotive and aerospace industries research and analysis site (www.emotionreports.com) that targets professionals in the academic, media, corporate and government sectors, announced its first annual vehicle awards program.  Categories include Car of the Year, SUV of the Year, Car of the Decade, and a special award, SUV of the Year 2003.


“We are pleased to announce that Ford Thunderbird is the recipient of our first ever Car of the Year award,” says eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes.  “We have also created a special category to honor the 2003 Range Rover; and one that recognizes the accomplishments of one of the world’s most famous brands, Land Rover.


“We felt the Chicago Auto Show, with its long history of premier industry related events, was the ideal place to present two of four awards within the program,” says Stokes.


“Thunderbird has already received numerous awards for obvious reasons.  Our selection committee first and foremost chose Thunderbird because ‘… its very existence confirms and reaffirms that we live and exist within the culture of the automobile.  In a clear deviation from the mundane dictates of overzealous brand management programs that sought to produce product in a clinical, sanitized environment, Thunderbird is instead representative of clear thinking at Ford Motor Company that allows for the value of intrinsic capability on the part of the designer.  T-Bird’s lines are possessed of a flowing angularity that pay homage to the first and second iterations of this marque, yet represent thoroughly modern vehicle design and execution.


“Mechanically, the Thunderbird experience is a seamless integration of powertrain and suspension systems that allow the driver to tap into significant power reserves accorded by its 3.9L V-8 with near effortless though supremely competent control.  The amazing thing is that those who were fortunate enough to have interacted with the first generation Thunderbirds will detect a recognizable ride quality: elegant softness without compromise of control.  In short, 2002 Thunderbird is nothing less than the re-creation of a classic.


“‘Ford Thunderbird is therefore deserving in that it is a most modern iteration and interpretation of a true classic American luxury personal conveyance.’


“We congratulate the Ford Design Team and compliment the executive hierarchy, including Edsel B. Ford II, for approving and bringing this program to fruition.”


“Thunderbird has won numerous awards since its launch just a few short months ago,” says Jim O’Connor, Ford division president, who accepted the award on behalf of the entire family of Ford employees.  “The eMOTION! REPORTS.com Car of The Year Award publicly reaffirms just how good the new Thunderbird is – the emotion it stirs, the driving pleasure it delivers.  The legend is still very much alive.”



SUV of The Year 2003:Range Rover


Land Rover of North America Vice-President and General Manager Steve McKnight accepts SUV of 2003 award from eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes.  It was the first award in the world for the vehicle.



eMOTION! REPORTS.com also presented Land Rover executives with the first award for 2003 Range Rover.  “I don’t believe,” says Stokes, “that the reasons for this special award can be stated any more eloquently than those stated by our selection committee:Although only having opportunity to observe advance renderings, a pre-production version of the vehicle and note listed features and mechanicals, inclusive of the 4.4L V8 powerplant, it was enough to determine that it has profound potential to take on and best all comers.  Land Rover has established a legendary and well-deserved global reputation for rugged, reliable vehicles capable of taking on the toughest terrains in the worst of climatic conditions.  It is often the first vehicle on scene when disasters occur the world over.  For decades, victims have taken comfort in the arrival of Land Rovers, knowing that help was there.


‘From Kosovo, to the Middle-East to sub-Saharan Africa, indeed to the furthermost frontiers of civilization, Land Rovers have been, and will no doubt continue to be, the transportation backbone of governments, expeditionary/exploratory efforts and relief entities.  In this, it can be said that Land Rovers have done more to further the cause, course and expansion of civilization than almost any motorized conveyance.


‘Therefore, with a confidence born of acknowledged continuity, constancy, consistence and expertise in the design and manufacturing of these superb and sturdy transports, the committee provides this first and deserved award to 2003 Range Rover.’


“I think the above statement by our selection committee speaks to the viability of a statement made last month by a Ford executive regarding the innate value of the Land Rover brand.  With product like 2003 Range Rover and the company’s heritage, we anticipate that Land Rover will continue going from strength to strength in its product, its market direction and its people.  We congratulate the Land Rover team for developing a product that again, in the words of our committee, will ‘best all comers’.


“It is indeed an honor to accept this award for the 2003 Range Rover,” said Steve McKnight, Vice-President and General Manager, Land Rover North America.  “The new Range Rover takes into account everything we’ve learned over forty years of building the most capable four-wheel drive vehicles in the world.  With class leading technology and stunning interior and exterior styling, we feel we’ve truly raised the bar.”


SUV of the Year 2002: Car of the Decade

Stokes further noted that the awards for SUV of the Year 2002 (Buick Rendezvous) and Car of the Decade (Olds Aurora) will be presented at a special dinner later this month.