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Remember Whose Name is on the Door:
The Ford Family Declares War

Automotive -- Staff

Internal sources are indicating that the Ford/Firestone controversy has taken a more ominous turn in the form of a major senior management reshaping. Ultimately, according to one off radar analyst, Jac Nasser himself will be displaced.

"As difficult as things have been for Ford in the aftermath of the revelations about the tire difficulty and with Explorer, it's going to get a lot worse," says this analyst.

"There were two major mistakes, and they were shared equally by Ford and Firestone.One was Ford's decision to recall the 13.5 million tires. That publicly humiliated Firestone and Bridgestone in Japan (the parent company of Firestone). The other was Firestone's response calling for an investigation of Explorer.

"Both actions were incredibly ill-advised. The controversy was well on its way to being over, but now it's been ignited again and that has all sorts of political ramifications."

"What must be understood is that the Ford family is not just Edsel and Bill and William Clay. It's the aunts and uncles and cousins who represent the closest thing to royalty America has."

"In what may have been the penultimate Catch 22, Ford was told if it didn't arrange for the additional recall that 'very bad things would happen to them.' Unfortunately, the company's been had. It would have been difficult for them it they had refused to do the recall, but it would have been far more manageable than what's going to happen this week."

"Conditions, now, are at the point of being irreconcilable. The company is at a crossroads and its very existence is threatened. And this is the reason that the Ford family has run out of options and hasn't been able to identify any alternatives. So they don't have a choice. They have to act - and act now - if they're going to preserve the company."

"What must be understood is that the Ford family isn't just Edsel, and Bill and William Clay. It's the aunts and uncles and cousins who represent the closest thing to royalty America has. They're totally invested in the reputation defense of Ford Motor Company name, so they have no choice but to make a theatrical statement to show they're changing the direction of the company."



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